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Sinclairs Solicitors was established in 1997. It started out as a general legal practice and was created by partners, Michael Charles and Gregory Evans. It soon developed into a leading law firm with its name changing to Sinclairslaw in December 2010. The practice is now regarded as one of the most successful practices and one of the fastest expanding firms within England and Wales. It has gained wide recognition for specialist services from commercial law to family law.

In 2015 Sinclairslaw ceased being a partnership and became a limited company.

Education Law Specialists

The education law department is highly specialist and is headed by chief executive Michael Charles who has gained experience in dealing with many of the highest profile cases, many of which have entered the law reports as cases of high importance.

Family Law Specialists

The firm has also been involved in leading cases in the family law area. Cases such as R-v-B, which petitioned the House of Lords over the meaning of the word ‘custody’ in child abduction cases and R-v-Vale of Glamorgan Council, which dealt with the law of home/school transport.

Cutting Edge Law

A number of other high profile education law cases have been handled by the firm some of which have set the law in relation to this important area.

Specialist Solicitors Serving England and Wales

It does not matter where you live in England or Wales. It is not a problem. We can handle your case just as effectively. With offices in Cardiff, Penarth, Birmingham and facilities in London (offices soon to be opened in Central London) we can handle your case.

Sinclairs solicitors (now Sinclairslaw) are delighted that it has been identified in the past and acknowledged as a leading law firm in many independent directories. It has been acknowledged as a leading law firm in the Chambers Directory to the legal profession, a product of 6,000 in depth interviews. The Chambers guide is an independent body of researchers who work full-time researching the legal profession. The education department of Sinclairslaw is delighted to have been acknowledged as leading specialists in the Legal Expert Directory 2010.

Specialist Property Law Department

Its property law department consists of some of the most experienced solicitors in the field with over 30 years experience.

The firm also has a hugely successful personal injury department offering the choice between privately funded matters on a no-win no-fee basis. Please go to the litigation section for further information.

Employment Law Department

If you have been unfairly dismissed, or believe you have been discriminated against or you are a company requiring advice in relation to drafting of contracts or defending an application that have been brought against you by one of your employees, go to the Employment section for more information.

If you are currently going through a personal crisis in your family contact our Family department. We have specialist solicitors who are recognised and accredited by the Law Society to advise in family and children matters. The family department prides itself as having an understanding and specialist approach who will listen and advise you of your best options in these difficult times.

Protecting the elderly and the Disabled

Are you a victim of Discrimination? Have you been deprived of your Fundamental Rights? We have a department to help - Human Rights Why suffer wrongs… When you have rights!

In relation to Probate and Trusts, the firm prides itself as being the appointed Solicitors to the largest association of funeral directors the Nation-wide Funeral Standards Council, the most powerful and representative trade association with it's strive to ensure the highest of standards in the profession.

Protecting your Business

If you are starting in business, you need help and advice, get it right from the start and avoid the storing of problems for the future.

Buying or selling your house? Don't forget this is the most expensive asset you will ever own, it's important to ensure the peace of mind of your property being dealt with by highly experienced staff. It is hard to find any other property law department that can have greater experience in this area of the law.

If you have a first class degree and exceptional talent..why not join us

SINCLAIRSLAW - A practice that will listen and help with a friendly and professional approach to get things moving with effectiveness for your peace of mind.


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