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Sinclairslaw (formerly Sinclairs Solicitors) are leading experts in the field of Special Education Needs (SEN) & Education Law, acting throughout England & Wales.

The departments are located at our Penarth (near Cardiff) and Birmingham offices. The firm will shortly be opening offices in Central London but in the meantime we regularly use London office facilities to provide help to our clients in England’s capital. Our offices are contracted by the Government's Legal Services Commission to advise in Education Law under the Legal aid Scheme. The firm is also the only Education legal aid provider throughout the whole of Wales.

Mr. Michael Charles, one of the country's leading Education Law solicitors heads this growing department, with the support of top barristers in the field of Special Education Needs & Education Law.

The Education Department – what we do for you

The Education department have represented literally thousands of parents of children who have Special Educational Needs (SEN.) We have represented those parents through the SEN Tribunal process in both England and Wales assisting children with wide ranging difficulties such as dyslexia, autism, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD), dyspraxia and visual difficulties. Some of those cases have involved minor disagreements regarding the specific support that should be put in place for a certain child in a mainstream school and many cases have involved a request for specialist independent schooling. Due to our extensive SEN legal experience and knowledge in this area we are able to substantially assist every parent who approaches us regarding their child’s SEN. We have also assisted parents in the Upper Tribunal and in the High Court regarding SEN issues. The department has worked with some of the worlds leading experts within the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

We regularly provide free information evenings in partnership with major charities including the National Autistic Society (NAS), ADHD support groups and others, to assist worried parents navigate through this SEN maze.

We have highly experienced advocates who would be able to assist you in actually putting your case forward at the SEN Tribunal. This sometimes avoids the need to instruct barristers although if your case requires this service we only use the best in the country.

SEN legal fees

We also have a graded fee structure within the firm so you can decide which Solicitor you would want to instruct based upon their experience and your finances. We understand how important ensuring the right education is for a parent’s child however our rates, whether in London, Birmingham or Wales are competitive.

Supporting Schools both maintained and private

Sinclairs Solicitors now Sinclairslaw has also an excellent reputation supporting schools that require help. Whether it be, school re-organisation decisions or individual issues we are happy to help. Sinclairslaw partner Mr Michael Charles has handled some of the most important school re-organisation cases some of which have been regarded as being of "constitutional" importance.

Sinclairslaw (formerly Sinclairs Solicitors) are members of:

  • ELAS - (the Education Law Association) and hold ;-
  • A Legal Services Commission Franchise (please contact our offices for further advice & eligibility criteria)


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