Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a process of dissolving the marriage in a non-adversarial way. The process provides you with an opportunity to negotiate your own settlement on the assumption that the decision to separate and/or divorce has already been made. It is a civilized, cost effective and dignified alternative to what can often be extremely stressful and highly expensive, contested divorce proceedings, litigated via the County Court.

In mediation, couples are helped to look for their own solution to their disputes and both attend with our Family Mediator, Jane Williams, to agree their own decisions as to how matters concerning the family assets and liabilities are best practically resolved. Family Mediation also deals with all decision making concerning the welfare and all major decisions effecting the upbringing of the children. Aside from being friendly and cost effective, it is a lot easier for your children to cope with a divorce when their parents are able to work together to reach agreement in the best interests of the Family.For further information contact Jane at our Cardiff offices on 02920388398 or contact her directly for an initial consultation or contact us with your query

We would further confirm that Jane Williams is a professionally trained and practicing solicitor mediator, hence, at Sinclairslaw we can provide you with specialist and bespoke private family mediation services together with a range of fees tailored to your exact requirements and available joint budget.

We must though explain that mediation is NOT an avenue to resolve conflicts about the past. You may begin to understand some of those past problems in a different light; but we will not be working to resolve them. Rather, in the mediation process, through a process of mutual negotiation, there is an emphasis on defining a new life with new options for both parties. In order to do this, mutual respect must develop. Too often divorce is competitive. Given that situation, compromise is difficult since it is seen as a loss. The family mediation process is designed to eliminate a competitive atmosphere. Since the process is mutual, you cannot win at the other’s expense. Neither can you lose. You must come out of it with a settlement acceptable to both of you and controlled by both of you.

With control over the outcome, you also experience a sense of achievement about the decisions affecting your life.

Family mediation is also increasingly being used to solve other types of family problems, such as:

  • Disputes between a parent and a child;
  • Disagreements over care for the elderly or seriously ill relative;
  • Grandparents’ contact with grandchildren, and;
  • Homelessness caused by family arguments
  • The Family Mediator can provide information about the law but cannot give anyone legal advice about what to do.Therefore it is important that you both consider consulting a solicitor before, during and at the end of the Mediation Process as required.However we point out that in divorce, there are no clear rules, and it is always difficult to predict the outcome of court proceedings irrespective of the very high cost. A Judge largely relies on statutory and judicial guidelines and their own sense of fairness.

    The other important aspects of family mediation are:

    1. It is non adversarial, you are both partners in the decisions;
    2. It is mutual, you must both agree or it doesn’t work;
    3. It empowers, you control the decisions over your life

    You emerge from these negotiations with a new sense of dignity and a clearer sense of self and what the future holds for you. You can place the past behind you and concentrate on the future.

    It is again to be emphasized that the purpose of mediation is to assist in reaching a settlement. The mediator does not represent either of you individually.Full Details of our professional charges are fully explained and agreed before any cost or charge is incurred.


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