Sinclairslaw has a specialist department offering advice and guidance to amateur and professional athletes and teams on legal issues relating to sports law.

Sinclairslaw has a dedicated team of solicitors who are experienced in assisting individuals requiring legal advice on sporting issues. The expertise of the department is unrivalled and they have advised individuals in a wide range of sports, most notably ice hockey, rugby and boxing. The team has also provided advice to various sports teams across the United Kingdom.

The services that Sinclairslaw offers to clients include:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Sinclairslaw understands that the traditional form of dispute resolution by way of court proceedings is not the only the option available to parties in a dispute.  We are able to advise clients on solutions to legal issues without the need for Court proceedings, dependent upon the circumstances and offer advice in relation to mediation and alternative methods of resolving disputes. Arbitration as a means of resolving sports disputes, a voluntary procedure where both parties agree for an independent panel to make a binding decision based on the evidence presented by the parties, is also an option we are able to advise upon.

Insurance Claims

Injuries can strike athletes at any time. This may result in further problems arising whether it be a loss of earnings, sponsorship or termination of contracts with teams. Sinclairslaw is on hand to guide athletes through this difficult process. We offer a professional service for athletes who have experienced difficulties in this area, including a specialist litigation department who are able to pursue damages via the Court. The comprehensive in-house service provided to sports clients shows the expertise Sinclairslaw has in dealing with such important matters.

Disciplinary Procedures and Hearings

The Sports Law Department at Sinclairslaw have advised upon a variety of matters relating to penalties imposed against sports teams and individuals and on the regulations of the relevant regulatory bodies imposing penalties. Whether it is a sanction imposed by governing bodies or sports teams themselves, Sinclairslaw provides representation to individuals requiring legal advice and guidance through the disciplinary process. This includes representation at any formal hearings or appeals. These can be very serious matters for athletes which may have contractual implications with their respected teams. Sinclairslaw is on hand to provide a professional service to those in need.

Contract Advice

Our team has extensive experience in scrutinising and negotiating contracts of employment and services. Sinclairslaw are able to provide clients with a high standard of legal advice when negotiating contractual terms with teams, employers or sponsors. Contracts are an essential ingredient of modern sport and individual sportsmen or women signing legal documentation when making agreements with third parties;  transferring to new employers of sports teams, clubs and organisations or putting pen to paper on their first professional contract should be aware of their legal rights and obligations. Sinclairslaw is able to offer clients a professional service for those individuals requiring assistance which includes:

  • Negotiations with third parties
  • Evaluation of the current/proposed contract
  • Drafting professional contracts/agreements
  • Advising on specialist contractual issues, including image rights


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