Will Sporting Genius Help Ryan Giggs Score in Divorce?

Privacy and Financial Remedy Proceedings in Divorce. Ryan Giggs, born in Cardiff and Manchester United legend has prominently been in the news with speculation about how his reputed £40 million fortune will be divided following on from the breakdown in his marriage. The Decree Nisi in the divorce proceedings was formally pronounced on the 11th of August 2017 between Giggs and his wife Stacey.  They were married in September 2007 and have two children. Giggs

Should there be No Fault Divorce?

Should there be No Fault Divorce A woman was recently refused permission to divorce her wealthy husband after he convinced a Judge that their “minor rows were a normal part of married life”. Tini Owens 65 claimed her 39 year marriage to Huw Owens broke down irretrievably after she had an affair. Her husband 78, a mushroom farmer from Worcestershire said he had forgiven her in 2012 and High Court Judges explained they would have

“Instant Divorce” Rising Among Muslims

“Instant Divorce” Rising Among Muslims A divorce practice which is banned in Pakistan, may shortly be outlawed in India, but is believed to be very common among Muslims in the UK, has recently prompted concern amongst Islamic scholars. It remains the wide-spread belief of many Muslims that a husband has the right to end an Islamic marriage by simply repeating the words “Talaq” three times to his wife.  Unfortunately, women cannot use the same formula,

Divorce Ruling Ends Era of Equal Division

Divorce Ruling Ends Era of Equal Division Couples who divorce after short marriages with no children cannot expect an equal share of marital assets following on from a ruling by Senior Judges in June.   In a case set to mark a radical departure from the approach of equal sharing, Appeal Judges ruled that a cheating husband whose City Trader wife made £10.5 million in bonuses in 5 years, was not entitled to an equal

New Online Child Grooming Law

New Online Child Grooming Law A new law dealing with “sexual communication with a child” will be shortly brought into force after, two years of delays and indeed public pressure.  The new law will be designed to stop child sexual abuse at the earliest possible stage.  There was believed to be significant public anger that despite, a huge increase in the number of children being vulnerable and indeed exploited via a world of mobile phones and

Domestic Violence Update

Domestic Violence – Legal Aid Boost for Victims   Seeking legal aid or public funding is likely to be less traumatic for victims of domestic violence following on from the Government announcing it will remove the time limit for providing evidence.   The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that after reviewing current evidence arrangements for assessing legal aid in private family law cases the current five year time limit will be removed.   At present,

Britain’s Most Expensive Divorce

The wife of a Russian oligarch was awarded £453 million on the 11th May 2017 in what is thought to be the biggest ever divorce settlement. The pay-out was from a 61 year old oil tycoon amounting to just over 41% of his estimated wealth of 1.1 billion. The couple involved, who have two grown-up children, met in Moscow in 1989 and married 4 years later. They moved to Britain shortly after and the wife


A heterosexual couple have been denied a civil partnership. This would have enabled them to secure legal recognition of their relationship in a way other than marriage. Same sex couples can choose either civil partnership or marriage. The couple argued that the same choice should also be available to non-same sex couples. It had been  put forward on their behalf that to deny them this choice contravened the couple’s human rights. In particular, this was not

No compensation for wife who gave up work

A recent Court of Appeal ruling has stated that a former wife who gave up work was not entitled to compensation as part of her financial settlement on divorce.   There will be no automatic compensation for divorcing spouses who gave up work during the marriage. Katriona MacFarlane, a 58 year old head teacher left her ‘promising’ career while still in her 40s when her new husband promised he would ‘look after’ them both financially.

Unmarried couples’ pension rights on death

Unmarried couples’ pension rights on death are likely to be improved across the UK following a landmark Supreme Court ruling earlier this month.   The case involved a woman who was denied access to her long-term partner’s pension after he died unexpectedly. Following a ruling in her favour, others in her position could now become entitled to claim a “survivor’s pension”. Denise Brewster and Lenny McMullan had lived together for 10 years and owned their

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