Care Plans

Once a community care assessment has been carried out, the person’s community care needs will have been identified and a decision made about whether they are eligible to receive help & support from the local authority.

If so, it should draw up a ‘Care Plan’, which is a written record of the support the person is going to receive and it must set out exactly what is to be provided, by whom and by when. A copy of the care plan must be given to the person who is to receive the community care services. A person’s community care needs may be met in many ways, for example by receiving a service directly from a care agency, or perhaps by Direct Payments or maybe by a Personal Budget (England only).

Whether the community care assessment is for a child or an adult, it is always important to look at the care plan to ensure that the care plan accurately reflects what is in the person’s community care assessment. Care plans must be reviewed regularly to ensure that the care being provided continues to meet the person’s needs; for adults this should take place at least annually.

It is our experience that the question of how much care a person is going to receive and/or how that care is to be provided is a frequently area of difficulty. At Sinclairslaw, we have the expertise to be able to help you.

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