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Most universities will have a grievance procedure and a complaints procedure that students can utilise if they feel that they have been let down. Indeed Higher Education establishments must have proper procedures to deal with this to include allowing students a right of appeal. Universities will also have an academic appeal process, and once exhausted will offer you a right of complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator ( The OIA ). It is important, if appointing a lawyer, select a firm that are expert in academic appeals and the OIA.

The most common grounds that are accepted are where a student can show that they have a compelling reason that was not known to the examining board before deciding a students results. A student may have under achieved for a number of reasons from ill health to inadequate supervision. It also may be that the University or college simply got it wrong when they calculated a students marks. However, if you launch an appeal and exhaust the appeal rights, there is a right to proceed to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (otherwise known as the OIA for short).

Some students complain that they were bullied or victimised by others and this had an impact on their studies.

Sinclairs solicitors have dealt with very large numbers of university and college cases many of which have made it through to the courts or to judicial review. The firm has also assisted many students both in the UK and abroad achieve justice.

If you believe that you have been let down by your University or College you need to be aware that there are often strictly observed time limits within which to act. Whether you intend to launch an internal appeal, a court action or an appeal to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator, we can help.

Successful OIA complaints

Preparing a successful appeal / complaint to the OIA can be tricky. The key is to check the University own rules and see if your case demonstrates that the University has misapplied its rules. Otherwise, has the University breached its legal obligations or acted unreasonably? It is always a good idea to seek specialist lawyer advice from a team specialising in Higher Education and University law.

What if the OIA ( Office of the Independent Adjudicator ) gets it wrong? Specialist University lawyers can help

Very few cases have been successful against the decision of the OIA. However many cases might settle without the need to go down the road of judicial review and the courts. Up to 2016, only 2 cases ever succeeded to a final hearing and were successful as against the OIA in court. Sinclairslaw University law department successfully argued what has become the leading case against the Office of the Independent Adjudicator to date (as at January 2016) – that of Gopikrishna -v- The OIA and the University of Leicester.

,h3>Gopikrishna -v- The Office of the Independent Adjudicator and the University of Leicester

Sinclairslaw advised in the successful judicial review against the OIA ( The office of the Independent Adjudicator ). This case has now been widely recognised at the leading authority in determining what constitutes “academic judgment”. Michael Charles, our CEO was the solicitor who led the case to a successful outcome paving the way for the student to re-enter medical school.

We also provide specialist legal representation for the Overseas Student

It has been a privilege to represent our student clients all over the world. We have represented many students from the United States who have studied in England and Wales, as well as students across China, Malaysia and other far afield places. If you have studied in a British University and need support from a specialist Higher Education Attorney then you need look no further. We have Higher Education lawyers that can help. Speak to us today.

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