Probate and Administration of Estates

Probate and administration of estates – we can help

Losing someone we love is probably the most emotionally traumatic experience that will ever befall us during our lifetime. The friendly and approachable team at Sinclairslaw are on hand to help ease the burden and avoid the challenges that dealing with probate and administration of estates can cause. We can also help take the strain if you are appointed executor on behalf of a friend and our costs will be paid from the estate.

Our team of experienced and sympathetic solicitors is headed up by one of the directors, Vanessa Collins.

Dealing with probate and the administration of the estate can be daunting. Would you know what to do when someone dies to put their affairs in order?  There can be many problems caused when an estate is not administered according to the rules and these can all be avoided by getting proper legal help with the probate. Our specialist lawyers can advise you about obtaining probate and dealing with the estate administration process as a whole.

We also advise on any tax and other financial implications that arise during or after the granting of probate itself. We have established links with accountants and investment managers who can assist us in providing an efficient service and ensure that the estate administration progresses as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

At the outset we will provide you with the best estimate we can as to what our fees are likely to be. As we learn more about what is involved, we can be clearer as to whether that estimate should be reviewed. We will be happy to offer a fixed fee in most cases to give you greater certainty.

Probate and estate administration Factsheet


Our fees which will be given as an estimate at the beginning of the matter are given on a case by case basis depending on Estate size and complexity. Further they depend on which part of the UK the deceased is situated.

Conveyancing fees will be quoted separately.


Solicitor £300 + VAT per hour plus disbursements

Senior Paralegal £200 +VAT per hour plus disbursements

Paralegal £140 +VAT per hour plus disbursements


Solicitor £250 +VAT per hour plus disbursements

Senior Paralegal £180 +VAT per hour plus disbursements

Paralegal £120 +VAT per hour plus disbursements

All matters:

In addition to our fees there will be a fee of £40.00 plus VAT for each bank telegraphic transfer that we make during the transaction.

The usual disbursements (but not limited too) associated with a Probate are as follows:

Land Registry Official Copy Entries (title deed)                £3.00 each document

Other Land Registry documents (if required)                   £3.00 each document

Anti-Money Laundering/ID Check (per person)              £7.20

Bankruptcy Search (per person)                                           £2.00

Anti-Money Laundering/ID Check (per person)               £7.20

Lawyer Checker                                                                        £10.00

Accountant fees                                                                        £500.00-£1000.00 +VAT

Probate registry fees                                                                £155.00 (plus copies)

Statutory Notice Fees

London Gazette                                                                         £69.50 + VAT

South Wales Echo                                                                     £125.00 +VAT

There are other disbursements which are not standard on probate matters which may need to be incurred. This will usually be as a result of certain complexities which exist in the matter. Examples of disbursements which could be incurred are Counsel fees and Tracing Agent fees, and whilst costs of this vary greatly depending on the matter, you will be notified in advance of any need for one of these disbursements and a tailored quotation will be provided.

These disbursements are payable to third parties and we do not have any influence over these charges. Other disbursements may arise during the matter but we shall advise you of this before incurring any costs.

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