It is only by making a Will that you decide who gets what after you die. It also allows you to choose the people you would like to look after your children in the event of your death.

By making a Will you can help mitigate Inheritance tax which can be payable in larger estates (starting over £325,000). 

If you do not have a valid Will when you die, then the “Rules of Intestacy” will apply to your estate. Under these rules, if you are not married or registered civil partners, then your partner will not get a share in your estate at all.

Even if you are married or in a civil partnership, your spouse or civil partner doesn’t automatically get everything. They usually receive personal items and a set amount of cash which may not cover the whole estate.

Many of the complications involved in probate and administering estates, as well as family disputes could be minimised or avoided altogether by a carefully drafted Will.

A professionally prepared Will that takes account of your personal needs and circumstances could also mitigate or totally eliminate the need for your estate to pay tax on death.

We can see you at any one of our offices in Twickenham, Penarth or Cardiff where our expert solicitors will consider your family and financial situation and advise you on a Will that is suitable for your needs.

Itis important to remember that your Will needs to be reviewed regularly as the law and your family and financial situation changes. We can also undertake will reviews and help you decide whether a new Will is needed.

We can register your Will with Certainty (the National Will Register) and provide you with a certificate detailing the registration number so that your Will can be easily traced in future.

We will then store your Will free of charge for as long as necessary.

Our fees for Wills are quoted on a fixed fee basis and will be determined by your instructions.



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