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All requests for additional support in relation to a child’s SEN must be backed up by evidence. There are a number of different types of evidence such as school reports, NHS therapy reports, school Educational Psychology reports and other experts such as a school based ASD advisor. The problem of course is that these professionals are either directly or indirectly employed by the very organisation that parents are in a dispute with (the local authority.) Accordingly it is often necessary to turn to the private sector for independent advice.

Unfortunately within the private sector there are varying levels of expertise. The real problem is that even a highly competent professional may not be able to draft reports that are specific enough to assist parents and the SEN tribunal. We have worked with a number of experts over many years and we can now recommend with confidence a select few professionals.

Whatever you may be seeking advice on, whether it is an ABA or VBA programme, Sensory Integration, Dyslexia or indeed autistic spectrum disorders, we work with the top experts in the UK and can put you in the right direction.

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