Success in important Disability Discrimination claim regarding reasonable adjustments to 11+ Exams

We acted for the parents of an 11 year-old boy, A, who had applied for him to attend a number of Grammar Schools , including Reading School, when he moved to secondary school in September 2020. He was accordingly invited to take the 11+ entry examination for the School in September 2019. A is visually impaired and requires written material to be in enlarged fonts in order to be able to read them clearly. His

Welsh Parliament Petitions Committee considers Sinclairslaw Petition

Sinclairslaw CEO Mr Michael Charles is pleased to confirm that his petition to the Welsh Parliament has now been reviewed by the Welsh Parliament Petitions Committee and the committee has confirmed that it will write to the Minister for Education to recommend that the coronavirus is considered to be an exceptional circumstance within the meaning of the Welsh government guidance for learners with additional needs up to the age of 25. On Wednesday the 9 June 2020

Covid19 Care Home Crisis – Government warned of legal action

Daughter of deceased care home resident threatens legal action over Government’s polices that exposed residents to serious harm. On 3rd April 2020 Michael Gibson died in a care home. He was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease but died of suspected COVID-19. Shortly before his death another resident had been accepted back into the care home from hospital after having tested positive for COVID-19. Michael Gibson’s life and those of ten of thousands of other care home

For Inequality to thrive – good politicians need do nothing..

PART 1 : INTRODUCTION I intend to demonstrate three primary reasons why I am extremely disappointed by the Minister’s reply to the petition which in light of Covid19 calls for;- (1) The raising of the age of entitlement from 25 to 26 for those disadvantaged by the Covid19 pandemic and (2) An amendment to guidance that influences funding decisions to afford special needs support, so that Covid19 is treated as an “exceptional circumstance” warranting departure

Re-watch Share Your Stories Webinar

You can now re-watch our most COVID-19 webinar episode – “Share Your Stories” where we invited 3 parents to discuss the current issues they were having with their childrens SEN, and then discussed by our expert panel.  

Coronavirus and Child Contact Arrangements

At Sinclairslaw we have been receiving many calls seeking advice about Contact Arrangements in the current Pandemic. Many families will have to make changes to the Child Contact arrangements that were in place, but how significant those changes actually are, will depend on the circumstances of the individual family. We want to set out what we believe will be the most sensible approach in the current climate. We would urge you however to Telephone us

Coronavirus: ‘Domestic Abuse Pandemic Caused Due to Lockdown’

The BBC have recently reported that the Coronavirus outbreak has led to a Domestic Abuse Pandemic as vulnerable people spend all day with their abuser during the UKs lockdown. Strict Government Rules to stay at home to stop Covid 19 spreading have caused a large spike in Domestic Abuse cases, both survivors and experts have claimed. There is particular concern that in families which experience Domestic Violence that perpetrators and victims who would not normally

Free Webinar: Sinclairslaw COVID-19 Series – Share Your Stories

Our latest webinar in the Sinclairslaw COVID-19 series will be your opportunity to share your stories with our expert panel and this will take place on Friday, 15th May 2020 at 4:00pm. We will select 4 people to share their stories live with our expert panel. If you wish to be one of those to share their story with us please email Dan Boxall at The deadline for this is Monday 11 May at 5:00pm. We look forward

Forced Vaccines and treatment? A view by Michael Charles

A number of friends here have written to me to express fear over the recent publication of articles and youtube videos promoting the contention that the Government has introduced changes to legislation in which it may force individuals to undergo treatment (The Public Health (control of diseases) Act 1984) and/or experimental or finally approved vaccinations for Covid19. Some wrote to me expressing worry over the idea that the country is sinking into the kind of

Free Webinar: Sinclairslaw COVID-19 Series – Social Care

Our latest webinar in the Sinclairslaw COVID-19 series will be about Social Care and will take place this Friday, 1st May 2020 at 4:30pm. Our expert panel will be talking about the affects of Local Authorities applying to relax their social care duties. We look forward to welcoming you on Friday at 4:30pm and you can watch via Zoom or Facebook. Please find how to watch below: Facebook Search the firms CEO “Michael Charles” on

Re-watch our SEN Masterclass Webinar

If you missed our SEN Masterclass webinar on Friday 17th April, you can now watch the whole webinar below: You can also view other webinars in the Sinclairslaw COVID-19 webinar series below: Education & COVID-19 Grades Without Exams  

Tuition Fees, School Fees & Coronavirus: What Are My Rights?

University students have every right to feel aggrieved. Having paid hefty tuition fees, they now find themselves confined to their homes receiving a very different learning experience to that expected.  To add insult to injury, many will already have experienced disruption due to strike action. Those with children at private schools are in a similar position.  Thanks to the current restrictions, such parents will now have the privilege and responsibility of providing teaching that they

Resources from “The Special Needs Masterclass” webinar

We hope you enjoyed the Sinclairslaw webinar “The Special Needs Masterclass”. A recording has been taken and can be found on our website, YouTube Channel and on Facebook early next week. Please see below a number of the resources discussed during the webinar for you to access: Home Learning Resources – General   Supporting particular issues   Video from Twinkl   Audiobooks   Talking to Children about Coronavirus Talking to

Re-watch our Webinar – Grades Without Exams – from the Sinclairslaw COVID-19 Series

You can now re-watch our webinar “Grades Without Exams” which aired live on Thursday which discussed the issues with grading children and students in the absence of examinations due to COVID-19. Be sure to tune in to our webinar on Friday 17th April 2020 at 3pm for the next in our COVID-19 series – “The Special Needs Masterclass” and you can find out more information about the webinar and how to access here.

Free Webinar: Sinclairslaw COVID-19 Series – “The Special Needs Masterclass”

On Friday 17th April 2020 at 3pm, our free webinar is a rare chance to hear from some of the UK’s leading experts in special educational needs. As part of the Sinclairslaw COVID-19 series of presentations, we are delighted that we will joined by an educational psychologist, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist as well as a panel of legal experts. The presentation will discuss the current Covid19 crisis and the impact it is

Watch again our Webinar on Education & COVID-19

After our successful education webinar on the affects of COVID-19 on parents and children, you can now watch the full recording once again by viewing the video below. Be sure to join us on Thursday 09 April at 3pm to watch our next webinar. Details can be found here.

Free Sinclairslaw Education Webinar – Grades Without Exams

Following on from the Sinclairslaw Webinar last week, on Thursday 09 April 2020 at 3:00pm the firm will be hosting the second in our series of live sessions. This week’s Webinar will be dealing with the calculation of grades in the absence of traditional examinations. On 03 April 2020, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (‘Ofqual’) published guidance as to this issue. Although the guidance will be amended and developed further, there are a

Reasonable Endeavours: EHC Plans During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Attempting to keep track of the ever-evolving government position on Coronavirus has been compared, by one colleague, to herding cats, and frankly it’s difficult to disagree. The situation in which we find ourselves is fast-moving and, with few signs of it decelerating, there remains much uncertainty as to what the coming months hold for children with SEN. The Coronavirus Act 2020, however, means we now have some indication of how the government intends to proceed.

The Sinclairslaw COVID-19 Education Free Webinar

Sinclairslaw are delighted to be hosting our first ever Webinar about the current COVID-19 pandemic and the effects this will have for parents and students in the education sector, now and in the future. The webinar starts at 3:00pm on Friday 3rd April 2020 and is free and open to everyone and we welcome anyone who wishes to join. The webinar is being hosted by the Zoom platform and should you wish to join please

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