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Watch the Education Magazine First Episode - CAMHS

Watch the Education Magazine First Episode - CAMHS

The most recent edition of the Education Magazine, is now available to watch on the Sinclairslaw website.

Michael was joined by Julia, an inspirational mother who reached out to the Child and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and listen to her tragic story.

He was also joined by Suzan Issa, a trained SENCO and therapist who will discuss mental health in schools and why therapy is essential.

Dr Baburaj also joined the panel from Australia, a leading Psychiatrist who used to practice in the UK, who will discuss the importance of those with autsim who will need help when suffering with depression and anxiety.

Lastly, Barrister Charlotte Hadfield completed the panel with her expertise and discusses all the latest issues dealt with in the Court and much more.

For the next episode of The Education Magazine, Michael will discuss about bullying. If you wish to participate please contact Dan Boxall at d.boxall@sinclairslaw.co.uk.