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Education Magazine - Episode 6 - Fabricated or Induced Illness

Education Magazine - Episode 6 - Fabricated or Induced Illness

In the sixth and final episode in this series of the Education Magazine, we give another perspective on Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII). Listen to many of the leading experts in the country debate what is fabricated illness and how false allegations can ruin lives. Why is it so prevalent among the autism community? SinclairsLaw's Michael Charles is joined by:

1. Cathleen Long - specialist independent social work practitioner who received a the Professional Learning Award Outstanding achievement (Autism) in 2017

2. Dr Judy Eaton - Clinical Psychologist with special interest in neuro developmental disorders in both children and adults.

3. Dr Fiona Gullon-Scott - leading academic at Newcastle University and clinician specialising in Autism Spectrum Conditions.

4, Professor Andrew Bilson - from the University of Lancashire and adjunct Professor at the University of Western Australia and visiting researcher at Cambridge Institute of Public Health at the University of Cambridge.

5, Ellie Costello - a parent and advocate - fighting for a better education system.

 In addition to the episode, please see below a list of resources that you may find useful to this topic. We hope you enjoy the epsiode.

- Square Peg - www.teamsquarepeg.orgwe campaign to raise awareness of barriers to school attendance and work to effect change on behalf of children & families

- Not Fine In School - www.notfineinschool.co.uk - a parent/carer-led organisation set up in response to the growing number of children and young people who struggle with school attendance - Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/NFISFamilySupport

- Sunshine Support - https://www.sunshine-support.org/fii-when-professionals-fabricate-the-truth - Blog post from Sunshine Support regarding FII

- It Must Be Mum - https://itmustbemum.wordpress.com/2017/05/20/facing-allegations-of-fabricated-and-induced-illness/ - Blog post from It Must Be Mum regarding FII

Child Protection Resource - https://childprotectionresource.online/fabricated-and-induced-illness/  - Blog post from Child Protection Resource regarding FII

- Fiightback - https://www.fiightback.org/ - was set up to support those accused of FII, to fight for an unbiased criteria, a fair investigation and a pathway to rebuild the lives of those wrongly accused - Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/fiightback/

You can watch the full episode here: Education Magazine - Episode 6 - Fabricated or Induced Illness