Coronavirus: ‘Domestic Abuse Pandemic Caused Due to Lockdown’

The BBC have recently reported that the Coronavirus outbreak has led to a Domestic Abuse Pandemic as vulnerable people spend all day with their abuser during the UKs lockdown.

Strict Government Rules to stay at home to stop Covid 19 spreading have caused a large spike in Domestic Abuse cases, both survivors and experts have claimed.

There is particular concern that in families which experience Domestic Violence that perpetrators and victims who would not normally spend all of the day together, now remain in the same household and indeed, children who are not in school are more likely to be exposed to risk.

In South Wales, it has been reported by the South Wales Constabulary that there has been a reduction in calls to the force in respect of Domestic Violence although this is perceived as victims ‘suffering in silence’ as opposed to the violence and abuse having reduced.

It has been similarly observed in hospitals that far less people are reporting emergency health problems although, it is anticipated that this will lead to a significant rise in fatalities where people are suffering from serious health problems and indeed, it is anticipated the Pandemic is preventing victims of Domestic Abuse seeking appropriate Legal Advice and support.

We are able at Sinclairslaw to respond immediately to all requests for Legal Support and advice and indeed, Public Funding or Legal Aid is normally available to those who are victims of Domestic Abuse.

The Family Courts are still operating a full system of virtual Court Hearings by Zoom, Skype for Business and/or telephone and urgent cases can be listed in early course.

We would again confirm that in serious cases it is always important to make a formal complaint to South Wales Police.

The Welsh Government have confirmed that its LIVE FEAR FREE HELPLINE will remain open 24/7 and reminded people “if someone is in immediate danger, they should contact 999 and for silent help dial 999 and press 55.

If however you require a Civil Remedy and/or support in relation to making an expedited application to the Family Court, you can telephone us on 02920 388 398 and/or contact us by email with our Jane Williams on and or our Kelly Lewis on and/or you can also contact our Cardiff and Twickenham Family Departments, for legal advice on all urgent Family Law problems, during these disturbing times.

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