Stress and anxiety disorders : A special educational need not to be ignored.

Stress and anxiety disorders: a special educational need not to be ignored As reported by the BBC last week, the Charity Childline have seen an increase in the number of young people seeking help to cope with the stress of exams in the past year, with one 15 year old noting that he studies all night due to the fear of failing, leaving him feeling “tired all the time” and “not really eating properly”. Stress

Education Law News Update : Mental Health and special educational needs

Education Law News update : The correlation between the Mental Health Act and the law relating to Special Educational Needs for Children and young persons This weekend it was reported by Sky news that parents whose children with learning difficulties have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act are taking legal action to get them treated closer to home. The local authority have a legal duty to identify and assess the special educational needs of

Education law England: High Court supports parent who challenges a school holiday fine.

Education law England: The High Court has today supported a parent who withdrew their child without permission from school during term time. Mr Platt had refused to pay a fine for withdrawing his child from school during term time arguing that the statutory requirement to ensure a child attend school regularly did not mean that a one off period broke the rules. His argument was upheld by the Magistrates Court and today his argument was

The A Word: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Last month saw the end of a moving television series, ‘The A word’, a drama aired on BBC that spoke out about the thoughts and feelings of those living with autism. The series made significant points as to real fears families have in relation to how their child will be received by peers, as well as the community within which they reside. This series has proved very effective in opening up a conversation about autism,

School tests: the impact on children with special educational needs

National Curriculum assessments have been in place in various forms since approximately 1991, however this year one of the spelling, punctuation and grammar tests was accidentally published online, and as a result many have discovered how difficult such testing actually is. The Telegraph sent four writers to a London based private tutorial company to take a sample grammar exam for themselves, with not one correctly answering all questions, highlighting the difficulty of such tests. The

Education Law update: School holiday fines – Is it worth the trouble?

School Holiday Fines Despite the recent good weather, many of us may have or will undoubtedly be looking to book foreign holidays for July and August…going on past summers, July and August will bring with it the unpredictability of the great British weather! Come mid-July, there is no doubt that holiday prices will soar as temperatures dip, which will normally last until mid-September. According to research carried out, foreign holidays on average increase between 35%

Trainee solicitors join both London and Cardiff

Sinclairslaw have appointed five new trainee solicitors to join both the Welsh and London offices. Four of the five lawyers have already joined the team with another outstanding candidate scheduled to join in the Autumn. Douglas Hamer who secured a 1st class in his degree is currently undertaking his solicitor examinations and aims to join as a trainee once his course is completed. Stephanie Fitzgerald had recently joined the Twickenham office, undertaking her first seat

Education law news: WJEC judicial review action launched

Education law news… WJEC, Wales leading exam board has had a judicial review launched against it for failing to make all necessary adjustments in a forthcoming examination for a visually impaired student. The claimant, who was recently in the news for claiming that she will not received appropriate adjustments in an examination which she is due to sit in the next few weeks, has had to launch the action to safeguard her critical examination chances.

Education Law Specialists extend media campaign with Heart FM.

Education law specialists Sinclairslaw have signed a new media contract with Heart FM, which once again extends the radio broadcast adverts promoted by the firm from South to North Wales. A new 12 month contract is on top of the 2015/2016 media investment placed with Capital FM which Sinclairslaw say will continue for another year. The new contract with media giant Heart FM, will mean that the adverts shall now be running on two leading

University Law – Graduate debt fuels student legal action against Universities

Solicitors specialising in University Law are these days inundated with enquiries by new student clients who are often prepared to bring court proceedings when they might have been ill treated by their colleges or Universities. The news this week reported that in England average student debt for a person leaving an undergraduate course is approximately £44,000, something which, according to the higher education law team at Sinclairslaw,often provokes “greater expectation among students that they will

Special education needs: mainstream education, home schooling, or obtaining the right setting and provisions for your child?

The Guardian reported last week that ‘DIY schooling’ is increasing as more parents home educate their children. The article looks at a particular family who took their children’s education into their own hands when their son started to hate learning. The article quotes Eleanor Reardon, who set up a legal advocacy service for home educators, stating that home schooling is increasing for many reasons; including the “huge rise in special educational needs cases which are

Special needs law – Victory for visually impaired student following warning to leading Examination Board

Special needs law update: A major examination board which denied a student reasonable adjustments in a forthcoming set of GCSE examinations ( due in only three weeks time) had to concede following a warning of judicial review. The student whose identity has been protected was advised that she had been denied her request for format changes to her examination despite her visual impairment because it was “unreasonable”. However following the instruction of the Sinclairslaw special

The Criminal Justice System and Disability

Sinclairslaw are experts in special educational needs (SEN) and disability law. Over the past couple of years, working closely with our criminal law department, we have become concerned over the treatment of individuals with learning difficulties or disabilities who have sadly fallen on the wrong side of the criminal justice system. The marginalisation of individuals with special educational needs and disabilities is endemic in all areas of society; although in some areas it has begun

Special Needs Education law update. New recruits

Special needs education law up date new recruits – number 3 starts….. The special needs education law department is delighted to announce the appointment of trainee Solicitor Stephanie Fitzgerald who joined the firm this week. Stephanie is not new to law as she worked for a central London law firm over the past two years and is delighted to join the Sinclairslaw specialist education law team based at our Twickenham offices. A spokesman for the

Special Educational Needs and Higher Education Solicitors update : Valuable guidance issued on how to best support a University Student with Autism

The special Educational Needs and Higher Education Solicitors within Sinclairslaw are delighted to learn that following an initiative funded by the EU alongside partners in five countries valuable guidance has been issued to Universities in how best to deliver support to a student with autism. The study found that knowledge on how best to support autistic students is inconsistent across Europe. Further support varies even within each country. Although some observe best practice models sadly

Special Educational Needs Reform in Wales – Update

The Welsh Government have issued a statement highlighting the latest developments on special educational needs reform in Wales. Sinclairslaw have already responded to the Welsh Government regarding the proposals and this latest news demonstrates that we are not likely until early into the new assembly thus after the Welsh Elections. The Ministerial statement can be found by clicking here Michael Charles, this firm’s CEO has already provided his thoughts regarding the likely risks associated with

Education and Public Law Specialists – Barrister training round opens

The Education and Public Law specialists working within the team of lawyers at Sinclairslaw are hoping to have another barrister within the team after being awarded the opportunity to train pupil barristers in house. Rabin, the firm’s in house counsel along with Mr Michael Charles this firm’s CEO will be on hand to train one lucky candidate to become a fully qualified barrister as the firm announced thus week the opening of the recruitment exercise

Sinclairslaw supports the Autism Expo with SEN legal advice

Today Sinclairslaw are proud as it supports the Autism Expo in London. Our Zach Esdaile and Vida Simpeh will be available to offer advice to those requiring Sen legal advice / help. We hope to see you there. Advice will centre upon A. How to get a child into a special or independent school B. Education and health care plans and statements of Sen. C. Transition from statements to an education and health care plan.

Special Educational Needs ( SEN ) Solicitors ; Department continues to grow

The special educational needs solicitors department of Sinclairslaw has to continue to grow to meet “unprecedented” client demand according to the firm’s CEO Mr Michael Charles. The department has over the past 12 months continued to grow, with the team now handling far more cases than that handled even a year ago. “It is testament to the excellent reputation of the specialist Special educational needs solicitors within our team that we have seen an unprecedented

Student Academic Appeals – Early legal advice often “valuable”

As a number of students have recently completed exams – lawyers within Sinclairslaw higher education law department have emphasised the importance of students taking proper advice before launching student academic appeals. Legal advice can always provide a valuable step before embarking upon an internal appeal. “Many University students seek legal help too late, which can seriously compromise their prospects on launching a successful academic appeal” according to Higher Education law specialist solicitor Mr Michael Charles.

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