Higher education law solicitors – “a student cheating crisis?”

Report from the Higher Education Law Solicitors department of Sinclairslaw Is it right that England and Wales is experiencing a student cheating crisis? The Times reported recently that there was a “student cheating crisis” at British Universities. Statistics reveal that almost 50,000 students were caught cheating in the past three years, up to 75% of which were foreign students. According to education law solicitor Mr Chris McFarland these statistics may not be telling the whole

University Law – Academic Appeals and Mitigating Circumstances

University Law Solicitors – Sinclairslaw specialist team update An informative podcast designed for students and staff explaining general rules that govern academic appeals and mitigating circumstances claims. The podcast is presented by Michael Charles and Christopher McFarland part of the specialist higher/ University law solicitors team at Sinclairslaw London and Wales. University Law is complex, and if you need help in the subject it is important to turn to a expert firm that can provide

University Law – student academic appeals – get help fast

University Law specialist podcast – by the Sinclairslaw Higher Education Law team The University Law specialist department of Sinclairslaw will be delivering a specialist lawyer podcast to students addressing the needs for them to seek advice when using the student complaint and mitigation schemes. Students often do not use the internal academic appeal processes correctly or at all, which contributes to a student academic appeal failing. Higher Education Solicitors can help, and the purpose of

Challenges against public authorities – Public law solicitors expand services to clients

Sinclairslaw are delighted to announce an extension of its services to clients by offering legal aid in public law challenges. This means that if you are seeking to challenge a public law body by way of judicial review it is possible to apply for legal aid if you financially qualify. Contact our expert solicitors today within the public law solicitors department.

Higher Education Law Solicitors – Recruitment drive announced

Sinclairslaw continues to grow its higher education law solicitors department and has announced that it is looking to recruit more solicitors to join the specialist University law team. Challenging University decisions requires real expertise and solicitors with a very high success rate and proven track record might consider applying to join this leading higher education law department. If you believe you satisfy the requirements and possess a first class academic record why not apply today.

Michael Charles’ response to the Welsh Government

Some of my comments on the Welsh Government’s proposals to reform the law relating to special needs provision in Wales were in the news last week. Most notably my expressed concern over the potential damage to the parent /school relationship, given the proposed shift of responsibility, in many cases away from local authorities to our schools, of the obligation to prepare maintain and review the legal document known as an individual development plan. This is

Specialist Education Law Firm Responds to Welsh Consultation

The specialist education law solicitors within the team at Sinclairslaw have responded to the Welsh Consultation on reform of the law relating to special educational needs. The firm has highlighted that there is no real need to change the SEN (special educational needs) term to Additional Learning Needs. It has highlighted the danger of removing the statutory assessment leaving a general requirement upon schools to identify need as opposed to to a prescribed system of

Sinclairslaw – new web site launched

Sinclairslaw are proud to release its new mobile ready web site. The site offers new facilities for our clients – including the use of an excellent school finder system. So often worried parents have great difficulty finding the right school for their children. This system with the cooperation of school parents and education experts will become a wonderful resource base absolutely free of charge.

Sinclairslaw to announce new home

Sinclairslaw are delighted to announce the purchase of a new headquarters building in central Cardiff which is the first stage of its 2016 expansion plans. The firm has already recruited 11 new members of staff to its team and others are following. Firm CEO Mr Michael Charles said “These are very exciting times for the firm and a wonderful reflection of the hard work of our current staff members. Our new headquarters will be in

Additional Learning Needs – Presentation

Sinclairslaw are staging a national debate on the new Additional Learning Needs Bill. Michael Charles, this firm’s CEO who has specialised in Education law for over 20 years shall explain the ramifications to schools and to parents as well as charities at: There is no charge for this event and all schools are welcome to attend along with parents and charity represenatives. Book a place online now. Alternatively email us at speakup@sinclairslaw.co.uk or call us

Congratulations to Suzanne Thomas & Jane Williams

We would like to offer congratulations to our Ms Suzanne Thomas, head of the Family Law solicitors Department based in our Penarth office for her successful re-accreditation to the Law Society Advanced Family Law Panel. Congratulations also to our Ms Jane Williams who has also recently become an accredited member of the Advanced Family Law Panel at the firm’s Cardiff office.

The new world of SEN Mediation

The Children and Families Act 2014 and SEN Regulations 2014 came into force on 1st September 2014, bringing about a number of changes to the law of special educational needs (SEN). One of the most controversial instruments introduced by the new legislation is mediation. This article explains what mediation is and outlines how, in the context of appeals to the SEND Tribunal, the new system will work, and discusses any areas of concern. Background When

Mike Charles call for OIA Reform

Our CEO and head of the education department will be speaking live to the BBC ‘You and Yours’ programme on Radio 4; within which he will call for the government to reform the OIA (the university students complaints body). He will argue that it is in urgent need of reform and that the SEN tribunal jurisdiction should extend to resolving disabled student complaints. You can listen to what Mike Charles had to say below Your

Seminar – Lifetime Provision for Special Needs Clients

Sinclairslaw is proud to announce a seminar covering the law in relation to education, social care and estate planning. Time and Place: 6.30pm, Wednesday 27th May 2015, Cardiff City Stadium. Further information can be found HERE

Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 (the ‘Act’) comes into effect in April 2015 and marks a significant development in the sphere of community care law. It is a welcome overhaul of a confusing and complex field of law which has developed through various pieces of law over the last 60 years. The Act aims to create a single and focused piece of legislation setting out the rights of individuals and carers to social care support. It

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