Breaking news : Two leaders merge to create National Powerhouse in the world of Education Law.

Two leading firms in the world of Education Law have announced a merger to create a leading solicitors’ practice to support the needs of disabled children, young people and adults throughout England and Wales. John Ford Solicitors, based in London, and Sinclairslaw, a law firm with offices in Wales and West London will on 1st July 2018 join together to create the largest team of expert education and public lawyers in the country. John Ford

10 common local authority quotes in SEN that require correcting

10 Common but disappointing local authority quotes that fuel scepticism and anger. (By Michael Charles Solicitor) A. “We do not have to consider your private independent reports.” Answer. Yes they do. Independent is surely the relevant word. Independence means just that. Not self serving or constrained from making recommendations due to budget. B. “Your child is too bright to have a statement/EHCP. Answer. Wrong again. A child is entitled to support if they have a

Sinclairslaw Welsh offices disrupted due to weather

The Welsh offices of Sinclairslaw will be disrupted today due to adverse weather conditions. Most staff are unlikely to be able to attend. Clients calling our office are asked to please note that telephone lines are likely to be impacted. The firm anticipates services from its London office today. Clients who may have appointed lawyers in our Welsh offices are asked to please contact us again on Monday or alternatively if urgent please contact a


The Equality and Human Rights Commission seminar scheduled for Friday 2nd March at 1.30pm has been postponed due to adverse weather conditions. The event has been set instead for Monday 19th March at 1.30pm (reception) to begin at 2pm until 5pm. Individuals already booked on the 2nd March event with have their places reserved for this forthcoming event. Those who cannot make it are respectfully asked to notify Snap cymru of their intention to cancel.

Sinclairslaw host Court of Protection seminar

Sinclairslaw, in collaboration with Outer Temple Chambers, hosted a training seminar discussing mental capacity and associated issues. Two of the firm’s Court of Protection practitioners, Kevin McManamon and Sarah Newport, along with Claire van Overdijk, Mark Mullins and Alex Line of Outer Temple Chambers delivered training to advocates, RPRs, IMCAs and other professionals working with vulnerable people to consider pressing issues and recent case law in the area. Thank you to all of those who

Equality and Human Rights Commission event set for the 2nd March 2018 in Cardiff

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have announced an event on “Discrimination in Education and making a difference”. The seminar has been set for 2nd March 2018 in Central Cardiff. All public bodies working in education are bound by the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 but many fail to understand the full ramifications of the legislation thereby leaving them vulnerable to legal challenges. The event which is aimed at Local Authorities, Universities and FE

Court of Protection Seminar: 29th January 2018

The next seminar is on 29th January 2018 at Sinclairslaw, Cardiff provided by the firm’s Court of Protection team. This seminar is free and is designed for those working in the sector including advocates, RPRS and IMCAs. If you work in the sector or are a family member concerned about a relative who lacks capacity this may be a valuable session for you. Book your place by emailing or calling 02920 388 398. The

Sinclairslaw apprenticeship scheme – successful first stage applicants to be invited to assessment day.

The firm has received a substantial number of applications to progress through the trailblazer Solicitor apprenticeship scheme. The process of selection is now well underway and successful candidates will shortly receive notification that they will be invited to an open day. This will represent the second of the four stages of the selection process. The scheme is an excellent opportunity to bypass the traditional significantly more expensive route toward entering the legal profession. This is

Small Claims Litigation and Unreasonable Conduct

Quite often I am asked what constitutes a ‘Small Claim’ and what is the difference between a small claim and any other claim. Here I seek to dispel a few issues and queries on what is referred to as a small claim by the judiciary. The Civil Procedure Rules which govern how litigation is conducted in England and Wales, defines a ‘small claim’ as a claim which is less than £10,000 in its value. The

Final seminar before new Law is launched in Wales on special needs

Massive change is coming to Wales. The introduction of new laws in regard to special educational needs is complex and to many controversial. Sinclairslaw are staging a free event for parents, teachers, schools and colleges throughout the country. It is going to be one of the final chances to learn in detail what is being planned for our children and young people in Wales. Hear what you need to know. Learn about assessments, and the

Sinclairslaw Sponsor the Wales Autism Show

The team are proud to support the Welsh Autism Show at the Cardiff City stadium. A wonderful opportunity to connect with with individuals and companies who are supporting children and young people with ASD every day. A worthy cause and a wonderful resource for children, young people and their families.

Sinclairslaw appear in national newspaper

Sinclairslaw has today, 24 August 2017, been the subject of an article in the Western Mail, Wales’ leading national newspaper. The article was authored by Matthew Wyard of Sinclairslaw and discusses the trailblazer apprenticeship scheme competition currently being run by the Firm. You can see a full copy of the article here.

Will Sporting Genius Help Ryan Giggs Score in Divorce?

Privacy and Financial Remedy Proceedings in Divorce. Ryan Giggs, born in Cardiff and Manchester United legend has prominently been in the news with speculation about how his reputed £40 million fortune will be divided following on from the breakdown in his marriage. The Decree Nisi in the divorce proceedings was formally pronounced on the 11th of August 2017 between Giggs and his wife Stacey.  They were married in September 2007 and have two children. Giggs

Ed Sheeran Settles “Amazing” Plagiarism Claims

Ed Sheeran Settles “Amazing” Plagiarism Claims Despite writing so many hits for others that purportedly he cannot remember them all, for Ed Sheeran it was thirty nine notes he kept for himself that he might like to forget. The singer has recently settled a $21 million claim alleging that he copied his 2014 single “Photograph” “note for note” from a song from X Factor winner Matt Cardle. The songwriters behind “Amazing” released in 2014 said

Should there be No Fault Divorce?

Should there be No Fault Divorce A woman was recently refused permission to divorce her wealthy husband after he convinced a Judge that their “minor rows were a normal part of married life”. Tini Owens 65 claimed her 39 year marriage to Huw Owens broke down irretrievably after she had an affair. Her husband 78, a mushroom farmer from Worcestershire said he had forgiven her in 2012 and High Court Judges explained they would have

What actually is impeachment?

What actually is impeachment? The process of impeachment has its origins deep in English Common Law, and was adopted by the authors of the U.S. constitution as a mechanism to oust wayward officials, including presidents.  Section 4 of Article 2 states “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, and on Conviction of Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanours”. Michael de la Pole, 1st Earl

“Instant Divorce” Rising Among Muslims

“Instant Divorce” Rising Among Muslims A divorce practice which is banned in Pakistan, may shortly be outlawed in India, but is believed to be very common among Muslims in the UK, has recently prompted concern amongst Islamic scholars. It remains the wide-spread belief of many Muslims that a husband has the right to end an Islamic marriage by simply repeating the words “Talaq” three times to his wife.  Unfortunately, women cannot use the same formula,

Employment Tribunal Fees are Unlawful

Court Rule Employment Tribunal Fees are Unlawful   There is likely to be a very high rise in tribunal claims after the Government agreed to scrap fees and pay back £27 million.   Ministers have promised to take immediate action to refund the payments after the Supreme Court upheld a challenge by Unison that the charges were discriminatory.   The court ruled that the Government was acting unlawfully and indeed unconstitutionally when it introduced the

Divorce Ruling Ends Era of Equal Division

Divorce Ruling Ends Era of Equal Division Couples who divorce after short marriages with no children cannot expect an equal share of marital assets following on from a ruling by Senior Judges in June.   In a case set to mark a radical departure from the approach of equal sharing, Appeal Judges ruled that a cheating husband whose City Trader wife made £10.5 million in bonuses in 5 years, was not entitled to an equal

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