School Bullying: A presentation by leading experts 18th May 2017

School Bullying and the Law.

The agenda is set for the live anti bullying event at Cardiff Sinclairslaw Headquarters, and on Facebook and Twitter at 5pm on 18th May 2017.

Learn about warning signs, mental health consequences, sound teaching practice, as well as legal responsibilities. A personal account will be delivered by a mother who consequent to tragedy has become a campaigner against bullying.

Presented by

1. Keith Doyle; Host, journalist and national TV news reporter

With speakers including:-

2. Claude Knights, High profile Anti-bullying advocate and author. Claude has regularly appeared on Television speaking up for the rights of children and delivering specialist advice to schools and parents.

3 Juanita Hurley, Speaker, Independent speech and language therapist. Juanita regularly appears as an expert witness in legal proceedings.

4. Vivienne Clifford Educational Psychologist and academic in Educational Psychology within a major University in London. Vivienne regularly appears in specialist tribunal proceedings, and has appeared in a number of leading precedent setting cases.

5. Dr Nahla Jamil Consultant Psychiatrist. Dr Jamil regularly appears in legal cases as a specialist witness. Expert in adult psychiatry.

6. Michael Charles CEO of Sinclairslaw and specialist children and education solicitor.

With a personal account delivered by a mother Nicola Harteveld who following tragedy became a strong campaigner against bullying in schools.


“4:30-5:00: Reception

5:00-5:10: Introduction

5:10-5:20: Challenging all types of bullying – Claude Knights, Anti-bullying advocate

5:20-5:30: My daughter’s story – Nicola Harteveld, parent and Anti-bullying campaigner

5:30-5:40: How the law can help – Michael Charles, Senior Lawyer and CEO, Sinclairslaw

5:40-5:50: Managing bullying in the SEN environment – Juanita Hurley, Independent speech and language therapist and Vivienne Clifford, independent educational psychologist

6:00-6:10: The consequences of bullying in adulthood: Dr. Nahla Jamil, Consultant Psychiatrist

6:10-7:00: Panel Q & A”
This seminar will also be broadcast on Facebook Live: “

Next week the campaign shall begin with the event being advertised on Capital FM.

Sinclairslaw CEO message;

“I wanted to do this seminar to raise awareness and to empower individuals with information to help tackle the problem, from basic tried and tested strategies to methods of good practice advocated in schools. The personal account will highlight that a victim of bullying often suffers in silence and may very well present as a person who you may least expect is suffering. If we learn to detect the signs I truly believe that a problem, or worse still tragedy may be avoided. The message is too important to ignore and I invite all those interested to attend the event to book their place.”

Those who cannot make it please log on to Facebook or Twitter for live interactive feed at 5pm on 18th May.

The seminar should not be missed and all schools, parents and children are welcome to attend. Places are limited but free although donations to an anti bullying charity are invited.

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