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Legal Representation at University Hearings – What Rights Does a Student Have?

Those who sit on university panels will often insist they are “not courts of law.” And yet, the hearings they conduct invariably follow a quasi-legal procedure involving evidence, questioning and argument. Nor is it not uncommon for complex legal issues to arise, for example, as to; the limits of academic...

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Family property: pitfalls and protection

Unfortunately disputes between family members over family property are on the rise and it is becoming increasingly common for such disputes to be reported in the national media. Back in October 2018 various institutions, including the BBC, reported the plight of Clive Shaw, the son of a dairy farmer in...

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Top Human Rights Lawyer joins Sinclairslaw

Sinclairslaw today made an exciting announcement through its Managing Director Mr John Ford. “ I am delighted to announce that Paul Conrathe has joined the firm as a senior Consultant Solicitor. Paul used to be the Senior Partner of a leading Human Rights and Education practice in Croydon. His work...

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Successful Judicial Review of Local Authority’s failure to deliver provision in an Education, Health and Care Plan

One intention of the SEN reforms in the Children and Families Act 2014 was to bring an end to the need for parents to ‘battle’ with Local Authorities for support for children with SEN. Last week, OFSTED’s Annual Report highlighted that, four years after the reforms came in, this remains...

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Forthcoming Seminar - Academic Misconduct & The Law

Court of Appeal Overturns Zahid Guidance

Around 18 months ago, we reported that the High Court had approved a procedure to be followed by students who wished to complain to the OIA whilst preserving the right to pursue Judicial Review proceedings directly against their university at a later date. In R (on the application of Zahid) v...

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Anti bullying. The Law must change

Sinclairslaw CEO Michael Charles has called for the law to change to better protect children from bullying. Often campaigns raised in regard to anti bullying at schools get responded to by Government saying that more should be done to help. The current law which entitles young people to bring proceedings for...

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Seminar for SEN Professionals - 10th December 2018

        Save the Date - 10.12.18    

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Plagiarism or Poor Referencing?

Ask the man in the street for a definition of plagiarism and he’ll probably say something along the lines of “taking another person’s work and pretending it’s your own.” He might even talk about “stealing.” The term brings to mind shady practices like handing in a friend’s essay, or doing...

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Post 16 Special Needs Provision in Wales. A lost generation ?

Message from Michael Charles in speech to the Wales Autism Show. Yesterday I attended the Wales Autism Show. Thank you to all who came to hear me speak. I relayed responses I had received to a freedom of information request I had issued to the Welsh Government. I...

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