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Don't suffer in Silence

The tragedy about these cases are that the majority of children who experience this terrible dilemma often suffer in silence. It is important that parents are vigilant, by keeping a close eye on their children. Ask them questions about school,who there friends are etc. Keep a diary of incidents and always report the matter to the school if you feel concerned. Schools have a statutory obligation to have a properly drawn up anti-bullying policy.


Schools equally have a responsibility to ensure that the policy is followed. As well as responsibilities contained in statute, schools also have a common law duty to protect children. In certain extreme cases where schools have behaved wrongfully a claim for damages may lie against the school. A parent of a bullied child often face very difficult decisions. On the one hand there is the obvious fear of sending their child to a school at which they are being harmed, and the other being what would become of them and their child in the event that they keep a child home.

Under the present law parents will be aware that by keeping their children from school they may be committing a criminal offence. These days the government is intent on ensuring that parents who keep their children from school without good reason should be punished . A number of cases have been reported recently in which some parents have been imprisoned for this offence. However this only adds to the dilemma of what is the best thing to do.The first port of call must be the school. If on the other hand the school do not appear to be taking appropriate action then it is best to consult a solicitor.

Bullying may be a Crime... it may even be the result of Negligence

Never leave it to chance that by keeping your child from school you will escape prosecution. Equally it is dangerous to ignore the problems that your child has at school because more often than not, if not dealt with quickly, it will get worse. A parent should always seek medical opinion also as your child may not be telling you everything.

In certain circumstances it might be possible to ask the local authority to provide you child with home tuition. If in doubt about what to do or your rights speak to one of our education lawyers who will be happy to guide you through this difficult time. In these circumstances a parent needs to be advised of the options open to them.

It may be that a change of school is preferred but what about school transport? Speak to a specialist today on 029 2070 6444. Never suffer in silence.