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Home Tuition and The Law

In certain circumstances a child that does not attend school may be entitled to home tuition. Be careful to ensure to take legal advice from a solicitor however as local authorities can prosecute parents for not ensuring that their child attends school regularly.


When can I expect my child to receive Home Tuition

A parent has the right to educate a child at home. But that does not mean that the local authority will always assist. However there are circumstances when the local authority must provide help.

Section 19 Education Act 1996 provides that home tuition may be arranged if a child is out of school by reason of "illness" "exclusion" or where there are "otherwise" good reasons for providing the support.

Home tuition may in some cases be arranged when a child cannot attend school because they may have been bullied and therefore are too afraid to return to school. It is possible to obtain support for a child who may not because of ill health be able to attend school regularly.

It is however essential to ensure that you are aware of your rights in these circumstances. This is because, if a local authority is not helping when they should, you could bring a court action to force the authority to assist.

If you feel that your child should receive home tuition contact us today. We have specialist education law solicitors who can help you.