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School Admission Appeals

Under the present Law parents have a right to decide the school at which they may want their children to attend. But the right is subject to limitations - the most common being that the school is full and cannot take any further children. In those circumstances a parent can appeal to the Local Education Authority, and to have their case heard before an independent appeal panel.

Leaving school for the day

Due to the large volume of school admission appeals before independent panels these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to succeed especially when up against a local authority which knows more facts and figures about a particular school and who are often represented by an experienced advocate. However statistically a parents' chances of success are often significantly enhanced when represented by an experienced lawyer who is capable of arguing important matters of law and fact. More often than not these cases are usually won due to careful preparation and through the skill of the advocate. It is therefore important that the lawyer you choose is a specialist. Sinclairslaw act for parents throughout England and Wales in school admission appeals cases, so parents can be assured that their case will be handled by experts.