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Unmarried Couples


Where unmarried couples decide to separate, issues surrounding the breakdown of relationship will still need to be resolved.

Often the situation in relation to finances and/or children will be far more complex as the parties will not have the protection of our law which deals with breakdown of marriage. There is a concept of a common law marriage, which unfortunately does not actually exist.

We encourage clients to attempt to resolve these matters on an amicable basis if possible with the assistance of advice from one of our expert accredited family law team.

We frequently make applications to the Court to quantify the beneficial interest in a property where significant financial contributions have been made by a non owning partner. We can also advise on constructive trusts.

Contact our Jane Williams j.williams@sinclairslaw.co.uk in our Churchill Way, Cardiff offices for more information on family property disputes and/or for full costs information in respect of what the likely costs may be in respect of progressing formal proceedings or contact our family law team in Twickenham.