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Entertainment Law

Our specialist entertainment law department is headed by Deputy Chief Executive Mr. Greg Evans. Mr. Evans has long associations with the entertainment industry, not only in his capacity as a solicitor but also in his capacity as a musician. A long-standing member of the musician's union he has been actively involved in diverse musical activities for many years. This has led to Sinclairs undertaking legal work for people and organisations in many different areas of the entertainment business. Clients have been advised in relation to music industry contracts including recording agreements, management agreements and publishing agreements.

Clients also seek advice in relation to copyright matters which are governed in the UK by the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 which came into force on the 1st August 1989. Section 1 paragraph 1 of the CDPA states that copyright can subsist in:

  • Original literacy, musical or artistic works.
  • Sound recordings, films, broadcasts, cable programmes.

Thus any work falling within this section will attract copyright protection. Sinclairs has advised artists and writers in matters relating to copyright infringement.

For every compact disc you own there are numerous intellectual property rights associated with it. The performance with have performance rights, the composers of the words and music will have moral rights, the words and music of the songs will have their own separate copyrights, the art work on the CD cover will have copyright and so on. The entertainment industry is huge and varied. It is a multi- million pound industry but there are many pitfalls for the unwary and many have been exploited and have lost out. It is nearly always worth taking professional advice at an early stage and certainly before entering into any legal agreement. Sinclairs are always pleased to assist in relation to all aspects of the entertainment business. In matters of particular complexity Sinclairs have access to a large body of expertise including specialist Counsel.

The need for premises to be licensed for public entertainment can raise all kinds of questions as to the granting, withholding and revocation of licences, procedure and the conditions upon which licences may be granted. Whilst local authorities have responsibility for the licensing of entertainment the Police and fire authorities also have powers in relation to licenses already issued.

If you require either formal or informal advice on a strictly confidential basis contact Greg at g.evans@sinclairslaw.co.uk