Free Webinar: Sinclairslaw COVID-19 Series – Share Your Stories

Our latest webinar in the Sinclairslaw COVID-19 series will be your opportunity to share your stories with our expert panel and this will take place on Friday, 15th May 2020 at 4:00pm.

We will select 4 people to share their stories live with our expert panel. If you wish to be one of those to share their story with us please email Dan Boxall at The deadline for this is Monday 11 May at 5:00pm.

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday at 4:00pm and you can watch via Zoom or Facebook. Please find how to watch below:


  1. Search the firms CEO “Michael Charles” on Facebook Image 1
  2. Once Michael’s profile appears, click “Follow” Image 2
  3. At the time the seminar is due to start, go onto Michael’s profile and the webinar will appear at 3pm on Thursday in his timeline.                                                                                                                         Image 3


1. Go to the Zoom website –

Image A

2. Click on “Join a Meeting” at the top right of the page

Image B
3. On the Join a Meeting page, enter the Webinar ID which is 817 6122 2198 and press “Join”. There is no need to enter spaces for the Webinar ID as this is done automatically.


4. After pressing “Join”, you will see a message which says When prompted, select Run. You should see a bar at the bottom of the screen asking if you wish to Run, Save or Cancel Zoom. Select the “Run” button. Please not other browsers may show this message slightly differently.

If you do not have a pop up similar to the below screenshot select “download here”

Image D

5. A loading bar will then appear stating “Your meeting will begin soon”. Please wait up to 10 seconds for this to fully load up.

Image E

6. A box will then appear asking you to enter your name and password. The meeting password is social. Then select “Join Meeting”.

Image F

7. You will then be asked to enter your email and name. Once you have done so please select “Join Webinar”.

Image G

8. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prompt then appears. Select “I Agree”

Image H

9. You will then after a few seconds be entered into the Webinar and please wait for this to begin at 4:00pm.

Image I

10. Whilst waiting or once the webinar is underway, you can ask questions by pressing the “Q&A”

Image J
11. Once pressed the following box will appear and you can type your question and hit send. If you tick the “Send anonymously” button before sending your question, your name will not appear with your question. These questions will go to our host Mike Charles who will then discuss this with the panel

Image L

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