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  • Mike was professional, efficient and friendly. We always felt that we could trust him and that he treated our Son as he would have his own child. Our Son`s special needs are now met. Our hard earned and limited money was well spent!

    Sally, Worcester
  • Thank you Rob, I am very grateful to you for all your help advice and support. I really feel that you were an Angel sent and could not have done it without your friendly manner and your belief in me. God Bless and have a wonderful Christmas.

    Janice, Barry
  • After another Central London Education Law Firm failed, Mike was confident with my case from the offest and succeeded in reinstating me back into Leicester Medical School! What makes Mike so good, is not just his really good way with words, his vast experience or his in-depth knowledge of law, but his genuine compassion for his clients. He genuinely treats his clients like his own children. I will be referring a lot of people to this firm in the future. Thanks again SinclairsLaw, you have genuinely changed my life and I will be eternally grateful

  • Michael was absolutely amazing. I had so much confidence in him and he put me at ease and explained step by step the procedures throughout. I got the outcome I wanted which was best for my son.

    Sharon Sugarman, London
  • When times seemed hard and apparent incompetence of others around us seemed to far outweigh our own resources, it was a breath of fresh air to have you dealing with this important issue on our behalf. Your enthusiasm and professionalism knew no boundaries along with your sense of humour, which I remember has been tested to certain limits, but at least we could smile whilst making progress.

    Simon & Liz, Carmarthen
  • Mike, Your expertise, passion and understanding were outstanding + keeping costs to a minimum, appreciated. My son now has the chance of an education which will change the course of his life forever. I'd highly recommend you to anyone - you are amazing!

    Sarah Henderson, London
  • Sinclairslaw went above and beyond to ensure I won my case and justice was served. I really doubt that any other law firm would work this hard, this professionally yet still maintain a good personal rapport with clients. Would highly recommend. They have helped regain my life back for which I am sincerely grateful !

    A Medical student
  • From the very first meeting with Vanessa, I felt reassured and ‘safe’ in her hands. Most importantly, is the kindness and empathy she has extended to me. What an asset to your firm; a woman with clear legal expertise and professionalism combined with humanity, humour and kindness – a rare combination indeed.

    SL, Kent

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Anti Bullying - A seminar for Children ,Parents and Schools

The Sinclairslaw anti-bullying seminar that was held on the 18th May 2017, was an amazing success with a live audience of 1.7 thousand people.

Learn about warning signs, mental health consequences, sound teaching practice, as well as legal responsibilities.


Sinclairslaw Special Needs Presentation: An Education for Parents

The team here at Sinclairslaw have been busy developing documentaries which give an insight into the areas of law we specialise in.

This month’s documentary concerns the law of special educational needs, and features not only our legal perspective but also the perspectives of parents who have been through this process first hand.

We hope that this film will give parents a foundational knowledge of this area and give them a better understanding of the processes they will need to navigate to help their child.

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